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Volunteer Opportunities

One of the requirements of PTU Membership is contributing as a volunteer. We offer a robust calendar of giveaways and events to benefit the school community - plus fundraisers to fund them! We would not be able to offer these amenities without help from our members. Each Member Family is asked to either join 1 planning committee OR sign up for 2 volunteer shifts during the school year. 

Join 1 Committee.....

...OR Sign up for 2 Volunteer Slots

Be on the lookout for more committee and volunteer opportunities coming soon!

Thank you to the PTU Member Families who have completed their volunteer commitment for the year!

Bechtel Family

Calabretta Family

Ciresi Family

Day Family

DeMarco Family

Dubiel Family

Karis Family

Lucco Family

Lynch Family

Mackey Family

Milligan Family

Miso Family

Parks Family

Phillips Family

Sirochman Family

Skoczen Family

Stafford Family

VanCure Family

Yax Family

Thank you to those who volunteered to be our 2023-2024 PTU Coordinators!

Community Outreach Coordinator: Melissa Mackey

Event Coordinators: Angie Bechtel, Rachel Skoczen, Alan Yax

Liturgical Living Coordinator: Jennifer Calabretta

Middle School Coordinators: Patti Ciresi, Jenny Phillips

Parent Engagement Coordinators: Jenny Lucco, Jan Lynch

Preschool Coordinators: Becky DeMarco, Nicole Milligan

Staff Appreciation Coordinators: Betsy Stafford
Student Appreciate Coordinator: Angee Nelsom

Welcome/Sunshine Coordinator: Jennifer Misso

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