Welcome to Kindergarten at St. Michael School!


Kindergarten Registration

Below are the steps you need to follow:


1. Register your child for the St. Michael Kindergarten Program (Paperwork can be picked up in the

    office of either campus.)


2. Pay the Kindergarten Screening Fee ($30)

    (This can be done by either dropping off or mailing the screening fee to the St. Basil Campus. The

    screening fee can also be submitted with the registration paperwork and fee but please keep both

    fees separate.)


3. Families new to the school should call (440) 717-0398 to sign-up for a screening time.​

       Thursday, February 28, 2019, for current Jr. Kindergarten and brand new students.

       Friday, March 1, 2019, for current 4-year-old preschoolers.

       Current students will be screened during school hours.


4. Fill out the Parent Questionnaire


5. Give the School Questionnaire to your child’s current teacher (Only applies if your child is

    currently enrolled in an academic program.)


6. Make sure your child gets their rest and has a good breakfast/lunch for their screening. Please be on time for your screening appointment.


7. Screening results will be sent out mid-March with a score sheet and additional activities to

    practice over the summer.


Thank you for making St. Michael School your choice for Kindergarten! A school where FAITH is Key.


Followers of Christ – Academic Excellence – Innovative Thinking –

Trustworthy Leaders – Honest Citizens 


Our Kindergarten Philosophy


We believe that Catholic education begins in the heart of the family with the parents as the primary education, nourishing spiritual and human values. As a Catholic school, it is both our privilege and responsibility to support the parents in this role. Kindergarten is the beginning of the St. Michael School experience. It is the experience that complements, enriches, and formalizes the education already begun in the circle of the family. Kindergarten is the transition from the home to the school.


The kindergarten at St. Michael School is based on the development of the whole child. It provides the motivation and structure for each child to continue to grow in all areas: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical. It further strengthens a child's own awareness of self-worth and dignity. Each child is a unique gift of God. A good beginning helps to determine the success of the end. Each child should experience success and gain a positive self-image. A happy child who is eager to come to school is the most important achievement of the kindergarten year.

Full-Day Kindergarten
St. Michael School maintains a full-day

kindergarten. With a full day of kindergarten,

students have the opportunity to build on

their preschool experience in a relaxed

atmosphere with plenty of time for creative

experiences in music, art, physical education,

assemblies, and field trips. A full-day

kindergarten becomes more child-centered:

there is more time for hands-on experiences

and individual or small group instruction.

Our kindergarteners feel a part of the total

school community with a sense of security

and sense of routine, both very important

for a young child.

Children may experience fatigue the first weeks of kindergarten. This is normal. Our curriculum and schedule are designed to support periods of quiet activities, rest and play periods that balance the more academic readiness activities. It is very important to remember that kindergarten is not a "mini" first grade. Our kindergarten seeks to integrate readiness skills, play and the personal-social-emotional growth of the individual child. Setting the stage for positive attitudes about school and learning is of prime importance. Children who know that learning is fun, meaningful, and rewarding are off to a great start!

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