Student Life | An Abundant Amount of Choices to Get Involved

To create graduates who are concerned about others, leadership opportunities and a range of exposures are introduced. Pairing older and younger students in buddy classes, assisting teachers through the Future Teachers Club, all provide opportunities for students to lead and start "making a difference" in our school community.

With small class sizes, St. Michael School can be flexible to meet the changing needs of students with various additional opportunities or resources. Fortunate to be located in communities where enrichment for children is a priority, students are encouraged to participate in programs such as their local civic centers and libraries.


Student Council

Student Council is an organized group of students sharing in the life of the school, including planning a Veterans Day Tribute Mass and coffee social each year.


Smiles Program

The Smiles program has been a long-standing tradition for first graders at St. Michael's School. It is a one-on-one reading program that partners a student with a volunteer senior citizen. Each Thursday, one first grade class meets with their Smiles reading partner. The volunteer readers begin the year by reading to the students and by the end of the school year, the students are reading to the volunteers. This program was designed to improve reading skills in a relaxed and fun environment. Our first graders look forward to this program every week. In addition, Smiles will form friendships that we hope will last a lifetime.

School Choir

The school choir is open to any student regardless of musical training in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Students sing, play bells, or play other instruments to lead or accompany singing during the liturgies.


Power of the Pen

Power of the Pen is a statewide competition for creative writers. Each school enters one team of six students for seventh and eighth grades. Writers compete at the district, regional and state levels.


Rosary Club

The St. Michael School Stay & Pray Rosary Group meets every Thursday after pick-up (@ 2:35pm) in St. Michael Church. Students ranging from our littlest preschool Blue Angels to our Middle Schoolers are given an opportunity to share prayer intentions, lead prayers, announce mysteries or simply participate as they grow in familiarity with the rosary.

Little Flowers Catholic Girls Club

Girls in grades 1-4 meet once a month to share in friendship and community. At each meeting the Little Flowers learn about a female saint, a virtue exemplified by that saint and a flower that serves as a visual reminder of both. The girls work on practicing their virtues (such as friendliness, patience, and self-control) through songs, group activities and crafts. 

Drama Club

Drama Club is open to students in grades 6 through 8. The club promotes interest in theatre and cultural arts with the presentation of one musical drama each February. The school hires professional directors, musicians, lights and sound people. We partner with Independence Schools to perform in their auditorium.


WSMS Morning Announcement Crew

St. Michael School broadcasts morning announcement over the TV to start the day off in a positive, uplifting way.  Students have the opportunity to be announcers, reporters, or work the camera and behind the scenes equipment.



St. Michael School student athletes participate organized sports leagues in the Diocese of Cleveland CYO

CYO inspires young people to know God, love God, and serve God through Athletics.  CYO Athletics provides an opportunity for young people to experience spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional growth through participation in sports. 


St Michael’s CYO Program is led by our Athletic Association, a volunteer organization of engaged parents & coaches passionate about providing opportunities for our kids to enjoy youth sports.  For further information about getting more involved with the St. Michael Athletic Association, please click here to contact our Athletic Director.