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The St. Michael School PTU has a lot of fun and fellowship planned for the 2023-24 school year and we hope you will join us! Stay tuned for information on our 23/24 calendar and how to become a member!

You can become a member of the PTU in a few ways:

  • Sign up and pay online (a small processing fee applies)

  • Print the membership form and send in to school with your child with payment


Membership Requirements:

  • Annual Membership Fee**

  • Fulfill volunteer commitment by committing to one of the following:

Volunteer (ie: at an event, at-home prep, etc.) 2X during the School Year.


Join 1 Committee to help plan an event or initiative.

Examples of Volunteering:

  • Taking a 2-3 hour shift to unload and distribute flowers from a flower fundraiser on a Saturday Morning

  • Taking a 2-3 hour shift to help staff the Santa Shop During the school day

  • Signing up to set up before or clean up after an event

  • Assembling PTU giveaways or event favor at home and returning by a certain date.

Examples of Joining a Planning Committee (all expenses reimbursed):

  • Being in charge of obtaining fire pits and supplies and starting bonfires for the Father/Son bonfire

  • Being in charge of sourcing, obtaining and setting up refreshments for the Mother/Daughter Event

  • Helping to prepare decorations and decorating for Breakfast in Bethlehem

**Membership fee supports many PTU programs and giveaways and is offset by member discounts. This is not a prepayment for other PTU activities.

Please email with any questions.


We can't wait for all that this school year has in store!

Join our Facebook Group for regular reminders about events, and posts about how our funds are being used! Click HERE to join!

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