Funds & Fundraising

Curious about how the PTU raises and spends funds? Learn more about what we are funding and how we raise these funds below:

2022-23 Funding to Date

The school year is just getting started but we have already accomplished a lot in support of our students, teachers, and school community:

  • Community outreach via Independence Homedays Parade and Booth participation (Aug)

  • Summer Meetups for our new preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten classes (Aug)

  • Back to school breakfast for school staff (Aug)

  • Added funds to Teachers Pay Teachers account for use by school faculty (Aug)

  • Provided teachers with credit for classroom supplies (Aug)

  • Backpack "Blessed" pin for all students (Aug)

  • Kona Ice Truck back to school treat for students at main campus (Aug)

  • Balloon back to school treat for students at the preschool campus (Aug)

  • Complimentary piece of spirit wear for school faculty (Sept.)


The following are the main ways that the PTU raises money to fund our programs, giveaways and events. The more successful our fundraisers are, the more we are able to give back to our school community. We are so grateful for your support!

Not Fundraisers

Not everything the PTU accepts money for is a fundraiser for our organization. In fact, the goal for our family events is to break even overall (while we may make income on some events we lose money on others) in an effort to make all of our events as affordable as possible for our school families.

  • Family Movie Night

  • Father/Son Event

  • Mother/Daughter Event

  • Winter Event

  • Father/Daughter Event

  • Mother/Son Event

  • School Supply Boxes