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Upcoming Events


4/9 Spring Uniform Resale

4/10 Flower Sale Kickoff

4/12 PTU Dress Down Day

4/17 Dining to Donate

4/18 Trivia Night / Spring Meeting

4/26 Mother / Son Bowling


5/1 Flower Sale Pickup

5/24 End of Year Celebration

Welcome to PTU at St. Michael School

The goal of the PTU is to encourage and provide:

  • Well-planned programs and fundraising events for parents and students

  • A cooperative atmosphere between faculty and parents

  • Assistance to teachers and parents in educating their children

  • Active participation in our school and parish communities

  • Catholic education and spiritual development of both child and parents

  • Financial support for teachers within and outside of the classroom

2023-2024 Executive PTU Board
Honorary President: Mrs. Jennifer Conti

President: Karin VanCure

VP of Membership: Tracy Parks

VP of Fundraising: Jen Kairis

VP of Event Planning: Stefani Dubiel

VP of Marketings: Aimee Day

Treasurer: Denise Sirochman

2023-2024 PTU Coordinators

Community Outreach Coordinators: Melissa Mackey

Event Coordinators: Angie Bechtel, Rachel Skoczen, Alan Yax

Liturgical Living Coordinators: Jennifer Calabretta
Middle School Coordinators: Patti Ciresi, Jenny Phillips

Parent Engagement Coordinators: Jenny Lucco, Jan Lynch

Staff Appreciation Coordinators: Betsy Stafford
Student Appreciation Coordinators: Angee Nelson

Preschool Coordinators: Becky DeMarco, Nicole Milligan

Welcome/Sunshine Coordinator: Jennifer Misso

Join Us!
We are looking forward to a great year full of new ideas and fun activities. Our membership drive begins in August, but all are welcome to join at any point during the school year. See our Membership Page for more information.

Social Media + Communication
Keep up to date with the latest from the St. Michael School PTU.  Join our closed group on Facebook.  (link to Facebook Page )

Questions or Suggestions? Interested in volunteering at a PTU sponsored event?

Send us an email at

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