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We are a Catholic School for Students in Grades PreK-8th, located in Independence, Ohio.

10 reasons your child will thrive at St. Michael School

Selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life as a parent.


Your child’s education is an opportunity to instill a lifetime’s worth of Catholic-focused principles and character traits, coupled with excellence in academics.


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Ten Reasons your child will thrive at St. Michael School:

1. Character Formation

In today’s world, character formation is indispensable.


Good morals, ethics, decision-making, and character are incorporated in our philosophy and curriculum.


We provide students with a vision that guides them through their adult lives.


2. Faith Incorporated in all Curriculum

While academic excellence is a priority, we have the flexibility to align our curriculum with Catholic principles.


Lessons can be viewed in a multitude of ways, including how it relates to living out our faith. For example, students studying our Earth in science may lead to a discussion on the importance of caring for all God’s creations.


3. Safety

The physical well-being of our students is paramount, but so is a safe emotional and spiritual environment.  


Students integrate learning and life in an atmosphere of acceptance, trust and respect. Treating others as “we would want to be treated” is a principle we take seriously.


Our students are provided with a safe avenue to express their creativity, explore new ideas, and be who God is calling them to be.

4. Individual Attention and Differential Instruction

Small class sizes, one-on-one attention, and true concern for the entire well-being of each of our students is prevalent at each grade level.


We meet the needs of all students, including those requiring intervention or enrichment experience.


5. Positive Peer Encouragement

Self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem. Your child, and yourself, are surrounded in an environment where families share the same Catholic values and goals for their children.


Teachers truly know your child and have a sincere interest in his/her success and motivate them daily.  Students support each other and give encouragement when needed.  

6. Service to our Neighbors

Our school fosters academic excellence, values education and discipline, and provides opportunities for students to put their faith into action through service to our community.


They are taught to embrace the gospel message to make a difference in the world by their actions inside and outside the classroom.


7. Developing the Whole Child

Our school offers students a center in which parents and teachers, guided by the Holy Spirit, collaborate in giving children an education and faith for life.  


Curriculum supports creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.


Extracurricular, faith-formation, and ministry programs support the whole child to develop his/her God-given talents.


8. Prayer is Part of EVERY School Day

From a morning, afternoon, or grace before meals prayer, to weekly Masses, prayer services, and celebration of the Sacraments, prayer is a part of every day at our school.  


This strengthens not only our personal faith journey, but our relationships with peers and adults.

9. Strong Parish Partnership

Our school, a partnership between St. Michael and St. Basil the Great Parishes, has a goal of forming “intentional disciples” in all we do.


Our priests, parish staff, and youth ministers embrace our school community, and their active, on-going commitment and dedication makes our school one of the finest.

10. Teachers Model Catholic Principles

Our teachers, priests, and school/parish staff serve as role models for your child.


Since your child spends the majority of his/her day under the direction of these individuals, be assured these adults are an example of Catholic living as mentors, and many times as friends.

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