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The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy is a beautiful prayer that is recited on rosary beads. Our school and parishes of St. Basil the Great and St. Michael now have our own version of the prayer that was composed and sung by St. Michael School alumni and students. We encourage everyone to pray the Chaplet by clicking here


The original music was composed and produced by Gregory P., SMS Class of 2015. The Chaplet was sung by Sidney K., SMS Class of 2017, Emily M., SMS Class of 2017, and Jacqueline W., SMS Class of 2015.

St. Michael School | Where "Faith" and "Education" Meet

Today’s Catholic schools are not simply institutions of high educational quality, but effective, grace-filled vehicles of total Christian formation. Catholic schools offer our children a center in which parents and teachers, guided by the Holy Spirit, collaborate in giving children an education for life. Our schools are different because our students have the opportunity to integrate learning and life in an atmosphere of acceptance, trust, and respect.


Each year, St. Michael School celebrates Catholic Schools Week the last week in January. Catholic Schools Week is the annual observance of the important role that Catholic elementary and secondary schools play in educating America’s young people. Catholic Schools Week celebrates education that goes beyond preparation for a secular life, it prepares our students for a Christian life.


Research shows that parents select Catholic Schools for their children because they are concerned about the “whole” student. Catholic Schools foster academic excellence, values education, and discipline along with providing opportunities for students to put their faith into action. Many parents also say they are attracted to the sense of “family” or “community” that is nurtured in Catholic Schools.

A parent speaks: “It’s not only for the quality of education but for my children to learn Christian attitudes and values we are certain she could never get anywhere else. The children at St. Michael School not only learn respect for adults but for one another. It seems that the older children do watch out for the younger ones, which is very important today. Our school provides our students with a vision that guides them through their adult lives.”

St. Michael School is appreciative for our teachers, parents, staff, benefactors, volunteers, and parishioners who make our Catholic school a place where children and young people learn to know Jesus more deeply and learn to live and love as He did.

In all Catholic Schools, especially here at St. Michael, we believe that each student is a child of God, challenged daily to achieve academic excellence, and taught to embrace the gospel message to make a difference in the world.

The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy
Composed by: St. Michael School Alum
Sung by: Students/Alumni
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