SMS Families of the Month 2016-2017 School Year

The Saint Michael School May 2017 Family of the Month is the Sitarz Family of Northfield Center.


The St. Michael School May 2017 Family of the Month is the Sitarz family of Northfield Center. 

Bob and Mary Sitarz currently have one SMS Blue Angel, fifth grader Joe.  There two other children graduated from St. Michael School – Samantha (grade 11) and John (grade 10).

“After all these years having children enrolled at St. Michael School, beginning with Samantha attending the first preschool class ever offered, we have felt we made the right decision for our family,” said Bob and Mary.   “St. Michael School has provided a great education for our children, especially preparing our two oldest children for high school at Walsh Jesuit.  Since St. Michael School has smaller class sizes, the teachers are able to nurture the children to become great students."


Joe is currently a member of the Kiwanis Builder’s Club, Jump Rope Club and a past member of Kiwanis K-Kids.  He is looking forward to joining Drama Club next school year.  While attending St. Michael School, Samantha was in Drama Club, band and played CYO volleyball and basketball.  John was in the Drama Club, and played CYO basketball, baseball and football.


“St. Michael School has provided our children with a good, solid education and religious foundation in a family-friendly school environment.  Through St. Michael School, our family has met so many wonderful families, teachers and staff,” concluded Bob and Mary.

The Saint Michael School April 2017 Family of the Month is the Malcuit Family of Brecksville.


The St. Michael School April 2017 Family of the Month is the Malcuit family of Brecksville. 

Mike and Wendy Malcuit currently have four SMS Blue Angels, sixth grader Michael; fourth grader Audrey; third grader Julia; and first grader Evelyn.

The Malcuit family says St. Michael School has provided the opportunity to make many lifelong friends and also allows their children to learn Catholic values.  “There are many good people that teach at St. Michael School and there is also is a sense of ‘family’ that we find at this school,” said Mike and Wendy.

The Malcuit children are active in the band program, Kiwanis K-Kids, Bowling Club, Science Club, cheerleading and CYO athletics.  There are so many extra-curricular activities at St. Michael School for all types of interests.

“We choose St. Michael School so our children receive a great Catholic education,” said the Malcuit’s.  “We are proud of the church, the school, the teachers and the many families that make the St. Michael School community great.”

The Saint Michael School March 2017 Family of the Month is the Misconish Family of Independence.


The St. Michael School March 2017 Family of the Month is the Misconish family of Independence.  Bill and Jayme Misconish currently have two SMS Blue Angels, fourth grader Will and eighth grader Cory.  Their daughter, Alexis, graduated from St. Michael School in 2015 and is a sophomore at Padua Franciscan High School. 


The Misconish family says St. Michael School has provided a wonderful learning experience for all three of their children with great teachers, a safe, structured learning environment, the opportunity to make new friends, and most importantly, to learn more about and value God while they are in their formative years.  When they moved to Independence in 1998, they had their children baptized at St. Michael Church and as they learned about St. Michael School's excellent reputation, it seemed like a natural decision to send their children to the school.  "As parents who both attended Catholic grade school, we highly value a faith-based education and wanted that for our children as well," said Bill and Jayme Misconish.  "Looking back some 10 years now, St. Michael School has exceeded our expectations and has provided an excellent learning environment for our children."


Cory has been in the SMS Drama Club for three years and also played CYO football for four years.  Alexis was in Drama Club, Student Council, cheerleading, and Power of the Pen.  Will looks forward to following in his big sister and brother's footsteps.  


"St. Michael School has allowed our children to grow in their faith, understand the importance of service, make friendships that will stay with them beyond eighth grade, and has provided teachers who have given them a solid foundation of knowledge," said Bill and Jayme.  "From day one at our open house, we were immediately drawn in to all that St. Michael School offers.  We felt the strong sense of community and importance of Jesus Christ in all facets of the school.  We have had a great experience with the teachers and all that the St. Michael School and Parish community has to offer.  We encourage others to experience the school for themselves."

The Saint Michael School February 2017 Family of the Month is the Oswald family of Broadview Heights.


Bob and Lisa Oswald currently have one SMS Blue Angel, Kindergarten student, Maya, and two future Blue Angels, Riley, who will begin preschool in the fall, and four-month-old Robert.


Choosing St. Michael School for Maya was an easy choice for Bob and Lisa. Bob had been a parishioner of St. Michael Catholic Church for more than 12 years when he met Lisa. In 2008, they got married at St. Michael and later had their children baptized there. Looking back, Lisa couldn’t imagine her family belonging anywhere else, despite there being several other Catholic churches closer to their home. “Our family's story is rooted in St. Michael's and, when it came time for our oldest to begin school, it seemed natural for her to attend SMS,” said Lisa. They attended an open house and their feelings were solidified. “We were confident that the faculty, curriculum and resources were all a very good fit for our daughter, who began at SMS in the Jr. Kindergarten program.” Since then, they feel St. Michael’s has provided Maya with an environment where she is happy and comfortable allowing for learning and growth.


The Oswald Family has been happy with St. Michael School from the start and it is confirmed every day. “We have been thrilled with the quality of the teachers and staff at SMS.  We truly feel they care about our daughter and our family.  Every morning Officer Otto opens the car door at drop off and the day starts with a greeting and a smile.  Every interaction we've had with support staff has been pleasant and efficient.  Maya has loved her classroom teachers as well as those who teach specials.  We are thankful for all of this as it's so important in creating a positive academic experience,” said Lisa.


The Oswald family is proud to be an SMS family because of the values St. Michael teaches– faith, kindness, inclusiveness and always doing your best. They work to teach their children the same values at home and the consistency of the values between school and home is very important to them.

The Saint Michael School January 2017 Family of the Month is the Calabretta Family of Independence.


Andre and Jen Calabretta have two SMS Blue Angels: fifth grade student, Dante, first grade student, Cabrini and future Blue Angel, Ciara. Dante and Cabrini are very involved in extracurricular activities through St. Michael. Dante participates in Builder’s Club, Cub Scouts, Student Council, Jump Rope Club, Advanced Band and Jazz Band while Cabrini is involved in K-Kids and Daisy Scouts.


A Catholic education was something Andre and Jen had always wanted. However, choosing St. Michael was unexpected for the Calabretta family. Initially, they only planned on staying at St. Michael for one year, since it was the only school with a three-year-old preschool program. However, at the end of the year, they couldn’t walk away from St. Michael. “Our son thrived in the classroom, and we felt welcome and comfortable at every event,” said Jen Calabretta. “We went into the summer registered at two preschools, but ultimately decided that it would be foolish to walk away from such a great experience, and we stayed. Eight years later, and we haven’t looked back once.”


Over the years at St. Michael, the Calabretta family has seen the difference it has made for both of their children. They feel the morals and principles taught and encouraged in the classroom have helped Dante and Cabrini form strong consciences and foster solid friendships while deepening their relationship with God and encouraging them to think deeper on how they treat others and how they want to be treated. From an education standpoint, they feel their children are challenged every day to not only master concepts but to problem solve, work creatively and are encouraged to work harder on subjects that don’t come as easy to them. Also, their teachers give them opportunities to not only work on their own, to encourage independence and confidence, but also to work in teams to foster collaboration, patience and compromise.


One of the best attributes of St. Michael School, according to Jen and Andre, is the way it is helping develop their children as a whole person through opportunities in academics, faith, extracurricular activities and athletics. “We as parents are certainly called to be the primary educators in areas of life and in faith, and school is the primary educator in areas of academics, but St. Michael’s goes that extra step, encouraging each child to improve in all three areas, and providing them with the opportunities and tools to do so. We feel that both of our children have really begun to identify the gifts and talents God has given them in their time at St. Michael School; and I appreciate the confidence and encouragement they are receiving from their classmates and teachers to develop those gifts even further.”


The Calabretta family is proud to be an SMS family because of the welcoming environment at St. Michael. “When we meet with teachers, see Mrs. Campisi at an event, go to a classroom event with other families, or even just call the school to ask a question, each person is incredibly friendly and helpful,” said Jen Calabretta. “Each member of the family is made to feel important, and I think for kids, in particular, it is good for them to be recognized as great kids. At St. Michael, you are made to feel that you and your family matter and we are proud to be a part of that.”

The Saint Michael School December 2016 Family of the Month is the Rai Family of Brecksville.


Tirath and Baljit Rai have two SMS Blue Angels; third grade student Anjali and eighth grade student, Sahib.  Currently, Sahib is participating in the Science Olympiad.


When it came time to look for a school that fit the needs of their family, the Rai family wanted a private school where their children could get a great education. They found that the quality of education at St. Michael School was exactly what they were looking for and that the teachers made the learning fun.


“We are proud to be an SMS family because our children get the world’s best education here,” said Baljit. “We like everything about St. Michael School.”

The Saint Michael School November 2016 Family of the Month is the Hall Family of Brecksville.


Bill and Tricia Hall have two SMS Blue Angels; fifth grade student, Ethan and eighth grade student, Zach. Both boys are very involved in extracurricular activities through St. Michael. Zach is the Student Council Secretary and is involved in CYO football and basketball while Ethan is involved in band and CYO basketball and cross country.


When it came time to look for a school that fit the needs of their family, the Halls found that St. Michael School provided the faith based education they were looking for. They wanted their sons to gain a deeper learning of their Catholic faith while also being in an environment that nurtured and encouraged social justice and care for others.


Since coming to St. Michael, the Hall family has seen the difference it has made for both of their boys. “St. Michael is providing a solid foundation for Zach and Ethan,” said Tricia Hall. “They receive extra attention and care from the teachers and are being prepared academically for high school.”


Bill and Tricia feel one of the best attributes of St. Michael School is knowing the education their children are receiving is a well-rounded one. They feel that both of their sons are getting a strong foundation in their Catholic faith through their day-to-day experiences at St. Michael. “We’re happy about our decision to send Zach and Ethan to St. Michael and proud to be an SMS family!” said Tricia Hall.

The Saint Michael School October 2016 Family of the Month is the Huggins Family of Garfield Heights. 

Melanie and Simpson Huggins have two SMS Blue Angels; first grade student Ryan and third grade student, Cameron.  Both students are involved in Kiwanis K-Kids and Cub Scouts through St. Michael. 
When it came time to look for a school that fit the needs of their family, the Huggins found that St. Michael School was exactly what they needed.  The Huggins family has a high regard for Catholic education; Simpson attended Catholic school from elementary school through graduating high school at Benedictine. Also, Melanie and Simpson’s oldest daughter, Maia, is currently in her second year at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. With the family’s education coming primarily from Catholic school, it only made sense to send Ryan and Cameron to one. Melanie works in education and had always heard about St. Michael School’s reputation for excellence in education. Ryan and Cameron had attended Catholic school since they were in Kindergarten but, when their former school closed, they wanted to find a place that would fit their needs and expectations while allowing them to excel in a supportive learning environment. St. Michael was the perfect fit.

The Huggins family also feels that St. Michael School has made a difference for both of their children. “The education they are receiving is ‘state of the art,’ challenging and definitely what they need to succeed and become productive citizens,” said Melanie. “The teachers are wonderful to work with and our sons are making new friends in their classes every day.”


While Melanie says they are still relatively new to the St. Michael family, they are proud to say that from the first day of school, they have been welcomed by everyone with open arms. “There is a strong sense of family values at SMS that my husband and I try to instill in our boys every day,” said Melanie. “St. Michael School is the right fit for our boys with excellent academics and strong sense of family.”

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